After countless phrenetic journeys across the frozen, inky black cosmos he came down on Earth. A starlight mercenary, Vitamin_K arrived from the bloodthirsty outer space, the most brutal honky-tonks in the universe, million light years away.

Recruited by the SuperCat civilization for a very special mission, he teleported to Planet Earth from his combat spacecraft to defeat an infamous animal abuser. While meeting human beings on his trip across the planet, he plunged into their lifestyle and quickly realized how mean most of them were towards animals. That’s when he became even more resolute about his mission: he would not have stopped until the very last cage was empty. This is how the vegan revolution was destined to begin.

About the author

Ole Guacamole (aka *OG*)

Vegan since 2007 and animal liberation activist since 2009, *OG* is now based in Tbilisi and serves as president of Vegan Georgia. Throughout his path in animal rights, he has been involved in organizing different kinds of events including International Animal Rights Gatherings and multiple festivals, co-opening Kiwi (first vegan cafe in Caucasus) and several animal liberation social centers such as Vegan Basement, participating in many spectacular protests like human branding action in Tel Aviv which 269Life campaign started with. During the past fifteen years *OG* was involved in projects held in Georgia, Russia, Spain, Belarus, Israel, Switzerland, Armenia and Turkey.

*OG* started sketching Vitamin_K comics during his erratic wandering across Europe in 2018. From squatting in Barcelona to dumpster diving in Lausanne, from illegal deliveries of plant-based cheese in Tel Aviv to shielding from rubber bullets and stun grenades during the Minsk riots — Vitamin_K has always been a great companion to the adventurous author.


About 70 billion land animals are killed every year. Most of these deaths are caused by factory farming (or CAFO). The fur industry is, in particular, one the deadliest contributors to this massacre. Some of the most celebrated authors of our time such as Yuval Noe Harari and Steven Pinker rightfully refer to animal farming as the worst crime in human history.

What’s more is that 99% of the funds raised by animal charities worldwide is invested in issues related to mostly cats and dogs, while they happen to make up just 0.1% of all domesticated animals.

When it comes to aquatic animals, the losses are so significant that they are counted by the tons. Though social consciousness is gradually evolving, it is our moral obligation to accelerate to the halt of this unjustified, despicable depletion of marine life.

Though animal rights groups are doing an incredible job at raising awareness about and proposing alternatives to our unsustainable lifestyle, they are in constant need of financial support. Help us in supporting their activities by contributing to our project!